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Helping Dog Bite Victims In Texas

Last updated on February 14, 2023

Dog bite victims suffer some of the most physically and psychologically damaging injuries outside of vehicle accidents. Dogs tend to attack small children and the elderly, often biting them in the face and causing permanent scars and emotional trauma. When dog owners are negligent in controlling their animals, dog bite victims deserve to get compensation for their injuries.

Holding Negligent Dog Owners Accountable

Proving negligence in dog bite cases can be difficult. Texas law is very specific about what is required to prove negligence on the part of a dog owner. You must first confirm that the defendant owned or controlled the dog at the time of the attack. Once that is established, there are four more requirements:

  • You must show that the defendant failed to take reasonable steps to control their animal.
  • You must prove that the dog bite happened because of the defendant’s actions or lack of action to restrain the animal.
  • You must show that your injuries were the direct result of the dog bite.
  • You must prove that the defendant knew that the dog could bite someone.

Texas law has what is often referred to as the “one free bite” rule. This means that you must prove the owner knew that their dog has either bitten someone or acted aggressively toward a person in the past. This is often the most difficult part of proving negligence.

Getting Compensation For Your Injuries

The most common injuries associated with dog attacks are lacerations and infections from the dog bite. Lacerations can cause physical deformities and may lead to a lifetime of pain. Facial reconstruction surgery and physical rehabilitation after injuries to the hands, feet or legs are common among attack victims.

Attorney Matt Breeland has extensive experience in helping dog bite victims get compensation for their injuries. For more than 15 years, he has successfully guided people through the claims process with compassion and professionalism. When pet owners try to deny responsibility or refuse to cooperate, Matt knows how to hold them accountable and get you fair compensation for your injuries.

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