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Last updated on June 21, 2024

Bicycle accidents happen every day, and cyclists always have drastically higher odds of being severely injured in these crashes. They are often struck by distracted drivers, impaired drivers or those who are simply negligent and fail to look for cyclists at all. Many semi-truck accidents – and those involving many modern pickup trucks and SUVs – occur because drivers do not check their vehicles’ massive blind spots. In other cases, poorly maintained sidewalks, business fronts or parking lots can cause serious incidents.

Austin’s “vulnerable road users” ordinance requires that drivers in the city take additional specific care when encountering cyclists on the road.

Those who have been injured in Austin bicycle accidents must know what legal options they have, and that’s where personal injury attorney Matt Breeland enters the picture. With his recognition of being included in the prestigious Super Lawyers list and his years of legal experience, he really understands personal injury law. He is empathetic and caring as he works with injured clients, but he is driven and aggressive when seeking the compensation they deserve. Precise, highly educated and dedicated to results, Matt is here when you need legal assistance the most.

What Compensation Do You Deserve?

The compensation you deserve varies from case to case but often begins with immediate medical bills and lost wages. It may also include long-term costs, like extended health care needs or a lost earning capacity. Matt will help you examine all costs so that nothing is overlooked.

The total amount of compensation also changes based on the injuries. Even cyclists with proper equipment often suffer bone fractures, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and neck and chest injuries. All of these could have life-changing ramifications for you as an injury victim.

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