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Reasons why commercial truck crashes occur

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial trucks remain a vital presence on Texas roads. The oversized vehicles carry critical cargo to many locations in the Lone Star state and beyond. The overwhelming majority of trucks make their way to their destinations without perceiving even a moving violation, much less causing an accident. However, semi-truck crashes do happen, and some result in fatalities. Understanding the reasons why may help truck drivers and commuters reduce the chances of a collision.

Common reasons for semi-truck accidents

Speeding ranks as one of the top reasons for truck accidents, which is unsurprising — speeding factors into many collisions, including those involving sedans and motorcycles. Some drivers tend to speed when they’re trying to arrive at a destination on time or out of impatience. Driving too fast undermines the ability to stop a vehicle in time or effectively perceive road conditions. With semi-trucks, speeding could be even more dangerous since the vehicle requires a significant stopping distance.

Fatigue could play a role, even when the driver takes mandatory breaks. A bad cold or a night of poor sleep may lead to feeling tired behind the wheel, increasing the risks of an accident. Similarly, some drivers become distracted for various reasons. A slight distraction might be all that’s necessary for an accident to become unavoidable.

Other reasons for semi-truck crashes

Corner-cutting might lead to semi-truck accidents. For example, a trucking company might not wish to spend funds on necessary repairs and maintenance, leading to dangerous vehicles hitting the road.

Workers in charge of putting cargo in the truck must make sure the process emphasizes safety. A poorly secured load could cause injuries. Similarly, cargo that moves around could create problems for a driver.