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Boating accidents in Texas

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Personal Injury

Did you know that 613 individuals died in boating accidents in 2019? In 2021, deaths were 40% higher from January to April than during the same period in 2020, which produced 30-year highs. In addition, most (80%) of drownings, which is the leading cause (nearly 80%) of accident deaths, occurred from boats shorter than 21 feet long.

These staggering statistics suggest that you should know more about boating accidents in Texas before you go out on the water.

Common accident causes

A boating incident becomes an accident when it involves property damage and injuries. The most common causes of these incidents are intoxication, equipment malfunctions, poor weather, inexperience, distracted drivers, speeding, overloading the boat, failing to look for hazards, reckless driving and navigational rule violations. Many of these causes are avoidable.

Accident examples

In 2019, was boating with friends on Lake Travis, when he fell off the boat. According to reports, the individuals on the boat may have consumed alcohol while they were on the water. The authorities believe they found evidence tampering, and the death of Jack Elliot remains suspicious. Lake Travis is one of the most dangerous lakes in Texas.

On the weekend of July 4, 2021, Texas game wardens got involved in 18 boating accidents, and Lake Travis and Lake Austin were among the bodies of water where these incidents occurred. During this same period, 1,474 individuals received citations from the wardens for safety violations and 42 received BWI arrests.

Accident prevention

Avoid getting out on the water during inclement weather. Drive sober. Keep enough safety equipment on board and have your passengers wear life jackets. Avoid overloading the boat. Take a boat safety course.

In 2019, boaters experienced $55 million in damages. Learn the risks and prepare yourself and your passengers for a safe boating outing. And if you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact Breeland Injury Law.