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Truck accidents seem to increase

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tractor trailers remain a vital presence on Texas roads, and they contribute heavily to the local and national economy. Arriving at a destination on time remains a critical task for truck drivers, which sometimes leads to errors in judgment. Commercial truck drivers may speed to reach a destination, increasing the chances of an accident. Tragically, commercial truck accidents appear to be on the rise.

Truck accident numbers rise

Statistics examining the past several years of truck accidents reveal some concerning figures. 2018 saw 4,136 truck accident-related deaths. The figure represents 11% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents for the year. Further reviews of year-to-year accident stats show remarkable increases. 2018 fatality figures are 31% higher than in 2009.

An alarming element of truck accidents is the severity of the harm inflicted. Commercial trucks carry significant weight and mass, increasing the ability to inflict harm on a smaller vehicle. Drivers and passengers of compact cars lack the protection necessary to preserve their lives in a severe truck crash.

Liabilities and truck accidents

Reducing the number of commercial semi-truck accidents could be challenging since the drivers would need to alter their behavior. Some drivers ignore traffic laws and federal regulations, choosing to speed, tailgate, skip breaks, and engage in other reckless actions. When these drivers cause accidents, they and their employers might face a credible lawsuit.

Some negligent behaviors could be blatant, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Then, collisions may result from driving while tired or when a driver suffers from a momentary distraction. Regardless of the reasons for negligence, a driver may still be liable for any harm inflicted. That means the driver could be financially responsible for a victim’s losses. In some situations, a commercial liability insurance policy may cover losses.