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Do’s and Don’ts After A Car Accident From A Personal Injury Attorney

The sudden and jarring nature of car accidents can make it hard to focus on what to do in the immediate aftermath, which is why attorney Matt Breeland has created this list of do’s and don’ts for victims of car crashes.

An important note: Your health and physical well-being are priority number 1 after a car crash. If you need immediate emergency medical attention, following the remaining do’s and don’ts may have to wait until you are in stable condition. However, in that scenario, the police are much more likely to arrive at the scene and gather much of the information you’ll need when EMS is involved.

  1. DO stay in your car and call 911 for 2 purposes: 1. To request medical attention, and/or 2. Request that the police come to the scene and make a report.
  2. DO exchange information with the other driver(s) involved. Do not be shy about this. Ask to see and take photographs of the other driver’s proof of insurance and driver’s license. Also, take a photo of the other driver’s license plate number.
  3. DO take photographs of all visible property damage resulting from the crash.
  4. DO contact your insurance company to initiate a claim.
  5. DO gather the identity and contact information of any witnesses. Politely ask to take a photograph of their driver’s license as well. Even if police arrive at the scene, you should not rely on the officer(s) to collect this very critical information.
  6. DO NOT agree to give a recorded statement to ANY insurance company, including your own. You do not have to, and the statement can only be used against you.
  7. DO NOT say “I’m ok” to anyone. During the immediate at-the-scene aftermath of a car crash, the drivers involved are often confused and experiencing a fight-or-flight adrenaline response. You cannot predict whether you’ll wake up in pain the following morning, which is a common occurrence, or what a doctor may later tell you about potential injuries that are not yet symptomatic at the scene of the crash.
  8. DO NOT engage in any argument with the other driver(s) about who is at fault. Just be polite and communicate with them as reasonably necessary to exchange the information you need.

The do’s and don’ts listed above are not legal advice.

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