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Top causes of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2020, more than 5,500 motorcyclist deaths and 82,528 riders received injuries in traffic accidents involving motorcycles. However, the last thing riders want to experience on a ride is an accident, especially since accidents involving motorcycles are significantly more dangerous.

Therefore, riders should know some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents.

Threats from other drivers

Other drivers also have difficulty seeing riders. These individuals are especially vulnerable when they try to make left turns. Also, many drivers do not pay sufficient attention to the road and may miss these smaller vehicles. Riders also maneuver and stop quicker than cars and trucks, which causes accidents when cars follow too closely.

Road condition threats

The weather can play havoc with the roadways, causing less traction and hiding dangers. It also obscures visibility. Tar patches, road paint, flooding and debris all impact the motorcycle’s ability to grip the road. In addition, weather impacts local wildlife activity.

Motorcycles are also vulnerable to poorly lit and maintained roads. Things like hidden driveways, merging areas, unmarked lanes or lane changes, insufficient shoulders, lack of guardrails, poor maintenance, bridge joints or railroad tracks are dangerous for riders.

Personal choices

Intoxication is one of the most prevalent causes of motorcycle accidents. In fact, nearly one-third of fatal accidents had riders with BACs over the legal limit. Speed and acceleration rates were also high contributors to these incidents. In some cases, riders just did not have the experience and training necessary to navigate the roadways safely. Mechanical issues and a lack of routine maintenance also contributed. These dangers are the result of personal choices these riders made.

Up to 80% of all accidents involving motorcycles cause injuries or death, so riders should be vigilant, follow the law and wear proper safety gear.